Saturday, December 26, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas...

...and all through the house. The Phillips' were decorating, fast as a mouse!

Here are some pictures from "Blizzard 2009!" The news said we got 14" of snow! There were some drifts that were several feet deep, and the wind was really blowing!

There is an entire turtle sandbox buried under there somewhere! Mom pointed out the little glaciers of snow shooting half-way off the roof in this picture too!
Sometimes my family does holidays a little bit differently, which works out wonderfully for all of us! We will celebrate Christmas all together next week when Julie and Neil are in town. So since we are snowed in from Blizzard '09 Mom, Dad and I got to work decorating the house with some holiday cheer. Dad went and picked up a Christmas tree for us! It was covered with snow so we quickly ran it in to the shower to melt *laughs*
We had a great time listening to the holiday music and decorating the house. We got the tree to stop dripping snow and decorated it, put up the nativity scene, and put wreaths, poinsettias, and greenery everywhere!
I ended up going to bed without putting up my stocking! Luckily Mom & Dad found it for me and put it up in time for Santa to fill :) So when I woke up Christmas morning I was greeted with some wonderful Christmas treats!

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