Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Since I have Tuesday’s off work at my internship this semester I got the wonderful opportunity to go on an outing with my sister, her two little boys (Bryce and Griffin), and my mom! We went to Chester’s Party Barn. I always have fun spending time with my family and my sweet nephews bring the biggest smiles to my face.

On our drive we saw a HUGE hawk perched on a fence post and a pasture full of cows. Once we arrived at Chester’s Bryce pointed to a big barn and told me he wanted to go to the zoo. I thought that was a funny thing to say until I saw the sign “Petting zoo” above and realized he was reading that word. WOW what a smart boy! He’s only 4.

We went into the little zoo and got to see sheep, goats, llamas, mini horses, cute little chickens, and even a few peacocks! We spent some time petting these animals and my mom bought some food so that Bryce could feel how silly their soft lips felt on his hand. He was cracking up the entire time! Next we went to see some bigger animals outside the barn. There were a couple of sweet donkeys and longhorn cattle with their babies.

He loved petting the animals. He kept laughing when they would nibble at his hands and shirt.

We walked a little ways further and Bryce got to play “pumpkin bowling.” STRIKE on the first try! Then we went on a bumpy hay ride over to a corn maze and a wood maze. Bryce, Mom, and
I started through the maze (and got lost a little bit *wink*). Bryce is such a cutie. He found a long sturdy piece of hay from the field and pulled all the leaves off of it. He held it high in the air and told me, "If us get seperated, you'll know where I are!" so I could see his flag in the maze and find him. What a great plan!

Then we had fun on the giant slide!

Finally it was time for a pony ride. I asked, “Bryce are you a cowboy?” he said “YES!” :).

Then we got to pick out pumpkins to take home with us. Bryce found a really cool one that looked like it had a frowny face line across it. Can you guess the weight of this giant pumpkin? It was enormous! Maybe we will find out soon. The person with the closest guess gets a prize!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My sweet boyfriend missed me so much over the weekend he bought me these beautiful flowers to surprise me when I got back. They filled three whole vases! Isn’t he great! :) I love the green puff and the huge pink chrysanthemums! He sure knows how to pick em!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This weekend I went with my parents to Missouri to visit my sister Julie and her husband Neil. We had such a fun time! This was the first time for me to see their new house, other than pictures, and it was so lovely. It is so classy but comfortable and homey at the same time. We hit the road about 9:30 Friday morning and after stopping for a quick lunch, ended up at their house a little after 2pm. We got the official tour which made me super excited about decorating my own house someday. We had a lot of fun chatting, eating delicious meals and playing games together.

We have always enjoyed playing dominoes and this time I learned a new version of the game called Mexican Train. We liked it so much we played it both nights! We also played a board game called Settlers of Catan that was a lot of fun too.

Saturday after we ate a wonderful breakfast of Pecan Pancakes, Oldham eggs, and bacon, my parents said they would like to go to Lowes to get Julie and Neil some fall flowers for their garden. So we loaded up in Neil’s car and went to pick out some beautiful pansies, purple kale, and two big decorative pots for their garden. As it turned out our eyes were a little bigger than Neil’s Torrent, but we got a little cozy and made it all fit!

Here one of their flowerbeds after we finished!

This morning we went to church with Julie and Neil. They have such a sweet church family. You can tell they all really care about each other. The sermon was great and the worship was spectacular!

Neil is the worship leader and Julie is part of the praise team.

We ate lunch together at a cute little Italian restaurant called Nona’s Bambino before we had to head back home to OKC. I’m so glad we got to go up and visit and spend time with them. It was a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome to our blog! I always enjoy reading my friends and sisters blogs. It is such a good way to keep up will all the exciting things that are going on in their lives! So I was inspired to start one of my own to give everyone a peek into my day to day. I started brainstorming names for the blog and came to find out that Matt wanted in on it too! He’s so sweet and supportive! So here it is… the Legend of Matt and Lori!

Today I decided to cook something new for Matt and myself for lunch. I found this recipe online and had a really high rating! So I decided we had to try it for ourselves. It is basically cream cheese, chicken and chives wrapped up in a croissant roll then rolled in butter and crushed croutons. Here they are once they came out of the oven. I decided to melt extra cheese on top of two of them and made some cheese broccoli rice as a side. They were delicious! So rich and creamy. We can’t wait to make them again and try different kinds of “stuffing” in them. Matt suggested bacon, YUM!

For his birthday in September Matt’s parents got him a beautiful new TV stand, so while I was cooking Matt started refinishing the two little tables the TV used to sit on to re-purpose them either into bedside or end tables. My boss from when I was a nanny/Matt’s neighbor told us he had painted a dresser red and put black stain on top and it turned out really well. So Matt went to work painting the tables red, then staining them black. I think they look great! Good job honey!

Later, I met up with two of my very best friends Kaleigh and Meagan at Chili’s. We always have such a fun time when we get together, chatting and laughing. I love hearing updates about their wedding plans and everything else they have going on. I am so thankful for my amazing friends!