Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mom

Friday the 15th was my beautiful mother's birthday! We all met up at Mom and Dad's house after church on Sunday to celebrate! (We missed you Julie and Neil!) My mom got up at about 4 am to put in a glorious pot roast and get the rolls started rising. Whew, you aren't supposed to work that hard on your birthday are you? But that is just one example of my mom's selflessness. She loves making other people happy. She works so hard to keep everything running smoothly in our lives. She is a constant teacher, encourager, and support. For all the times my mom has created opportunities for me and my sisters to grow, for all the love she constantly gives us, and for every single little thing she has done to make our lives happier, I want to say thank you. Beyond all of her wonderful "mom" qualities, she is a great friend. Always there to share in adventures, celebrating good news, or lending an ear/shoulder for sad news. Hearing her laugh is the very best! If I was born again, I would ask that my Mom were again my mother. I couldn't ask for a better Mom. I love you Mom, I hope your Birthday was wonderful!

We sort of did a potluck lunch. As I mentioned before Mom made the Roast and the rolls, Karen and Kenny brought some deeelicious broccoli casserole and potato casserole, and Lisa made the ALWAYS delicious Hawaiian wedding cake for dessert! And I... I brought myself... and no food. Better luck next year. Maybe by then I will have easier access to a stove/oven. :)

We all had a great time playing and laughing. We taught Bryce how to play paper football and had battle all the way around the dining room table, every inch guarded by someone. Somehow it still went flying off the edge a few times though.

After the party started to die down, Lisa and I made a trip to Rink Gallery! She is so fun. Our quest was for Cowgirl Boots! We tried on a few pairs, but none were quite right this time around. Too worn, too expensive, or too manly. But, I always have so much fun just looking around that place. It's inspiring. It makes you feel like going to garage sales and re-purposing old things into treasures. It's ALMOST that time of year again! Hurry up spring. :)


  1. Fun Fun! I wish were were there! and I want to go to Rink too!

  2. I had a wonderful time with the family. I wish Julie and Neil were here also, but we understand. You are such an appreciative daughter. I would take ten of you. Oh my that would be a lot. Love you MoM